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French Manicure Gel-X Kit

French Manicure Gel-X Kit

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This is French like you’ve never seen it before.

Everything you need to create flawless French nails will be included in this not only comprehensive but beautiful white patent leather case. With a bottle of our most popular Color Extend Gel shade, Carla, you will be able to lengthen the natural nail bed to fit any depth smile line. And with a box of our revolutionary French Gel-X Tips, drawing on the perfect smile line has never been easier before. With six different smile line guidelines, these Gel-X Tips take French to a whole new level. This kit will truly revolutionize how you create the perfect French!

- 15ml Apres pH Bonder
- 15ml Apres Non-Acidic Gel Primer
- 15ml Apres Soak Off Color Extend Gel Carla bottle 
- 15ml Apres French Manicure White Gel
- X-Lite LED light
- 100/180 grit emery board 
- Apres white patent vegan leather case

NOTE—The kit comes with a box of Gel-X™ tips of your choice. But please note, the kit and the box of tips will appear in the cart as two separate items.


We recommend to use our Top Coat X for best results!

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