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Kupa Manipro KP-55 Handpiece

Kupa Manipro KP-55 Handpiece

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Kupa Manipro Kp-55 Handpiece


Manufactured from durable stainless steel, the KP-55 features a smaller nose and rubber grip, and is our smallest (5.35”), with a slim body diameter (0.78”) and lightest (5.6 oz.) Handpiece. The KP-55 features a dynamically tuned coreless motor with 2 high speed precision ground bearings that allow it to operate at very high speed, 30,000 RPM with virtually no vibration! It has a molded strain relief cord and is compatible with MANIPro Passport Control Box, KP-5000 control boxes. Full 1 year parts and labor warranty with your KUPA Handpiece.

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